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Skin Care Publications

Women in Business (Folsom innovator encourages women: don’t be afraid, care for yourself) March 2006

The Aesthetic Book (Routing Rosacea) Winter 2005

Skin Inc. (A Roll in the Dirt) September 2005

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (Back to Basics) September 2005

Cosmetics & Toiletries (Eye of the Tiger: One for All, All for One) August 2005

Household and Personal Products Industry (Marketing News) August 2005

The Magazine of Santa Clara (For Summer Ready Skin) August 2005

DaySpa (Start them Early) August 2005

Vive (Marketing Ad) August 2005

Indy’s Child (Marketing Ad) July 2005

Aesthetic Trends and Technology (The Power of Clay) July 2005

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (Natural Moisturizer) June 2005

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