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Our mission is to ensure your success as a well rounded entrepreneur of skincare. We will leave you with all the knowledge we have gained over the last decade of how to give your client a successful Natural Clay Facial and how to sell our products making you money and gaining you a full clientele that will continue to use your services.

Here are some frequent questions upcoming trainees usually ask. For more specific questions please call or e-mail.

What is a Natural Clay Facial?
The Natural Clay Facial is one of the safest and the most natural method of exfoliation. This procedure does not use any machines, chemicals, or peels. The facial is done by mixing our unique Indian clay and water making a cream. The esthetician then uses her fingertips to spread the cream over the area to be treated, using a featherlike touch. The clay and water naturally exfoliate the skin and can be used over the lips, eyes and sensitive areas because it is natural and sulfate free.

Who can get a Natural Clay Facial?
The Natural Clay Facial can help men, women, and even children with problem skin. Furthermore, for those who have clear skin, the treatment can help to rejuvenate their skin and rid the pores of any impurities. As the skin is exfoliated with the clay, the impurities from the skin are surfaced, the pores shrink, and the dead cells become finer.

Can I just purchase the clay?
Our clay works so well because of the technique and products we use with it, therefore we only offer the clay for sale to those who take our class and continue to buy our skincare homecare product line for their customers. The clay is for professional use only and not for resale.

Can users of acutane, retin-a, renova or going through chemo therapy?
Since the clay does not contain sulfur or any other preservatives it may be used in conjunction with these prescribed meds. Our product line as well is all natural and can be used in conjunction as well.

What are the Special Benefits of the Natural Clay Facial
Unlike most other skin treatments, the Natural Clay Facial can be applied around the eyes and lips, as well as the neck and décolleté. Additionally, the clay is applied up to five to seven times in one service, which is not the case with other similar skin treatments. Most other clays are only applied once as a masque, allowed to dry, and then removed by the aesthetician during a visit, because any more applications can irritate the skin.

How do I enroll in a class to be taught the Natural Clay Facial?
The easiest way to enroll is to e-mail us or simply call and we can provide all the questions and concerns and schedule you a training date.

What do I learn in the training class?
We will teach you how to exfoliate someone using the Natural Clay. We go over how to treat clients with certain skin types, do’s and don’ts, and how to sell the products.

Will I have to travel to your school or can I request the training at my location?
We are more than happy to come to you and we prefer it as well. The benefit of having the training done at your city is the models that are needed for the training is a total of eight (8). This is a great way to introduce the new treatment to your clients and friends as well as sell the products that you will have on hand.

We have seen countless occasions of our students in training sell almost all of their products making them money during the training process.

How long is the class?
The Natural Clay Facial class is a two day, 8 hours each day training course. It is an intense two day event with lots of hands on learning and one on one training. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot. We suggest getting a good night sleep before the two days you’re with us.

The Natural Clay Body class is 2 hours and can be done in conjunction with the Clay Facial class. We will train you in how to treat the back, arms, and the feet.

The Natural Clay for baby’s class is 1.5 hours and can be done in conjunction with the Clay Facial class.

How much does the class and products cost?
Class and product costs are listed here.

Why do I have to use the TTE Skincare product line?
Our TTE skincare line is a natural line and also does not contain sulfur. Our main ingredients in our line are Aloe Vera which complements the Natural Clay facial. We have found in the past that mixing our Clay service with other product lines can result in dissatisfying results and clients.

Are there ways to get discounts on the price of training?
We are always willing to negotiate a discount only in the case of group training. The cost of our training is not extreme compared to the amount of time our educator will spend with you one on one. We are not just teaching you the service, but also how to sell, be successful, and grow your business to the next level.

Can I pay the cost of training and products in payment installments?
We prefer the cost of the training and products up front. Remember though, during the training you will have the opportunity to sell the products at retail and get your clients involved in the products immediately.

I would like more information about the training and product line. Can I request a packet of information?
Please click here and we will gladly mail you a packet that describes in more detail the training course in advancing your skincare education.

Can I become a teacher of the Natural Clay Facial if I am an educator of Advanced Skincare and service is not my first priority?
We require a one year commitment of you performing the service with the TTE Skincare technique for your clients. By doing this you will become more proficient and will be able to educate others in how to use the clay in different services which are available. Before you can teach you must learn, and then practice.

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