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Clay Has Special Quality’s

One of the important qualities of the Tiger’s Eye Skin Care products is the versatility of the product. Many skin care products are developed for a certain type of skin or to care for a particular problem, this is not the focus of the Tiger’s Eye Skin Care product line.
It is not unusual to find products for oily, dry, or problem skin within one family of products. Skincare solutions have been developed for men, women and even for children to provide relief for problem skin and ensure proper health for all skin types.
The Tiger’s Eye Skin Care product line can be used for any and all skin types. There are no different products, just the same fine formulation to help clean and leave the skin glowing.
Aloe Vera is the base for each product in the Tiger’s Eye Skin Care product line, this natural plant contains wonderful healing qualities. In addition the moisturizer and night emulsion creams also have comfrey root and leaf as its base. These herbs have strong healing properties and when combined with the other fine ingredients produce a noticeable difference to your skin.

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