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Natural Native American Clay Facial

This method of skin exfoliation has been used by the Native American Indians for centuries. The process involves using natural clay, which comes from a Native American Indian Tribe. The fine texture of mineral rich clay and water is applied to the face, eyes, lips, neck, and chest with a delicate hand to gently loosen and remove the dead cells. This facial promotes the growth of the new cells, and evens the skin tone. Excellent for those with sensitive skin. Helps to control rosacea and acne, without any adverse reaction, s the clay has healing properties. Accutane, Retin-A, Chemo, Radiation, and Renova patients may also experience the clay facial, as it is very mild and calming with no skin irritation.
90 minutes / $90.00
Add Clay Hand Treatment to this service for an additional $35.00 (Total $125.00)

Natural Native American Mini Clay Facial

Perfect for the person on the go. This facial begins with a cleansing, then a light exfoliation followed by extractions. Finished with a mask to nourish the skin, then a moisturizer and sunblock.
60 minutes / $70.00

Natural Native American Junior Clay Facial (13 years old or younger)

This is an educational skincare experience for those 13 and under to learn about taking care of their skin leading into their teen years. The service includes a gentle exfoliation followed by a few extractions to give a pleasant and rewarding experience about skincare.
45 minutes / $45.00

Natural Native American Clay Body Exfoliation

The full body exfoliation is done by applying our natural clay over the entire body. It is applied several times from the feet to the decollete. The body is exfoliated between each application of the clay. During the exfoliation process dead cells and toxins from the skin are removed. Next there is a soothing massage to apply our natural seed oil into the skin. Concluded with a masque which is made from the comfrey root and leaves the skin nourished and promotes new healthy skin-cell growth.
120 minutes / $199.00

Natural Native American Clay Masque

The Indian Clay Masque is a healing process that contains rich minerals of natural clay from a Native American Indian Tribe. This process treats badly sunburned and blistered skin by nourishing and re-hydrating the skin. This masque may be applied daily to quiet the skin and promote the skin’s natural healing.
60 minutes / $70.00
Save $100: 5 sessions / $250.00

Natural Native American Clay Back Facial

This facial begins with a gentle cleansing massage using natural clay which comes from a Native American Indian Tribe. The clay is applied with a delicate hand to gently exfoliate the skin, bringing a healthy glowing effect. Concluded with a light moisturizing back massage and a nourishing masque.
75 minutes / $60.00

Natural Native American Clay Hands, Arms, and Feet Treatment

This procedure starts with a clay masque over the hands and covered with lavender mitts to bring the dead cells to the surface and to nourish the cuticle. The arms, hands, and fingers are exfoliated to promote a healthy glowing effect and helps to diminish sun damage and aging spots. Concluded with a light moisturizing massage and a nourishing masque.
For Hands only: 45 minutes / $45.00
For Feet only: 60 minutes / $60.00
For Hands & Arms: 60 minutes / $60.00
Save $50: 5 60-minute sessions / $250.00

Eczema Treatment

This procedure starts with a clay masque over the affected area to penetrate minerals into the skin to relieve itching and treat the inflamed area. We perform a gentle clay exfoliation to remove the dead cells and finish with our nourishing masque to promote healthy skin-cell growth.
45 minutes / $45.00
60 minutes / $60.00

Eczema Body Treatment

90 minutes / $120.00
Save $100: 5 90-minute sessions / $500.00

Keratosis Pilaris on Arms

45 minutes / $45.00

Scalp Treatment

This treatment helps treat dermatisis. A clay masque is applied and lightly massaged into the scalp and let to sit for 30 minutes.
60 minutes / $60.00

Body Wraps (lose 4-15 inches)

This treatment uses Aloe vera and natural herbs to penetrate through the protein wall that surrounds the fat cell and breaks down toxins from the fat cells into the body’s lymphatic system. The toxins are then flushed out through the lymphatic system which causes a reduction in the size of the fat cells.
75 minutes / $70.00
5 sessions / $295.00 ($59 each)
Purchase with Natural Native American Clay Facial for $49.00

Waxing and Sugaring

Brow Design$20.00$25.00
Brow Upkeep$15.00$20.00
Full Face$45.00$60.00+
Half Arm$15.00$20.00+
Full Leg$50.00$60.00+
Upper Leg$30.00$45.00+
Lower Leg$30.00$45.00+
*Bikini$25.00 (and up)$45.00+
*Brazilian Upkeep$35.00$60.00+
*Followed by a clay masque to prevent irritation and bumps.


Make Up Application$45.00
Lash Tint$20.00
Lash Perm$35.00
Brow Tint$20.00
Extension Lashes$150.00
Extension Lashes Retouch$75.00

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