How can Native American Exfoliation help me?
Tiger’s Eye Skin Care product line helps to:

  • Tone up facial muscles
  • Increase the cells ability to absorb nutrients
  • Unclog pores
  • Reduce acne, brown spots, pitts, sun damage and aging lines

Native American Exfoliation is the answer for a lovelier, healthier glowing skin. This method was used by American Indians for centuries. Now you too can enjoy the soothing, refreshing rejuvenation experience.

This process involves the exfoliation of dead cells with an organic enzyme. It affects only dead cells not live ones, therefore it is painless and relaxing. Because there are no chemicals, sensitive and allergic type skin may be treated.
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Why should I do the training?
Native American Exfoliation is a technique, which can be used on any skin type. Because the Clay is a natural product there are never any adverse effects such as red or blotchy skin. All of the dead cells are removed and the client leaves with their skin fresh and vibrant. There is a visible benefit with just one treatment.

To purchase the pure Clay, we require that you be trained and certified to use the material and understand how to work it into and off the skin. However, we do not require any special training to purchase our home skincare system that is sold on this site. If you are interested in learning how to use the pure Clay, please contact us to learn more.
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I’ve heard you can work around the lips?
This is true. Not only is it possible to work around the lips, but the eyes as well. There are never any adverse effects and the client is always pleased to have their entire face treated.
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Can this be used for acne or rocesea?
Not only can it be used, but is helps to promote healing and offers great relief for these two severe skin conditions.
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If you have any questions that were not answered here please feel free to contact Tiger’s Eye Skin Care via our contact page.